Sunday, October 25, 2009

OEF Update, Oct. 25, 2009: Forces Operate in Eastern, Southern Afghanistan; US Servicemember Killed

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 25, 2009 -- Afghan and international joint security forces conducted four separate operations today in eastern and southern Afghanistan that resulted in several militants killed and a total of half a dozen suspected militants detained.

A joint security force killed several militants north of Khowst City in Ghazni province after searching an enemy position in pursuit of a district Taliban commander linked to several other militant commanders and foreign fighters in the area.

During the operation the joint force received hostile fire from an enemy position. Returning fire, they killed several militants. The joint force then searched the enemy location and found multiple rocket propelled grenades, AF-47 rifles and ammunition belts. All items were destroyed in place.

In another operation in Wardak province a joint security force detained a couple of suspected militants after searching a compound known to be used by a Taliban commander. The joint force searched compounds near Maru village, southwest of Kabul without incident and without firing shots.

In a third operation today a joint security force detained a few suspected militants after searching compounds in Khowst province known to be used by a Haqqani improvised explosive device technician linked to several militant commanders in the area. The joint force searched the compounds without incident.

In a separate operation in Kandahar province, a joint security force detained a couple of suspected militants after searching a compound in Kandahar province known to be used by a Taliban commander and his group believed to be responsible for several attacks in the Arghandab district. No shots were fired and no one was injured during this search.

No Afghan civilians were harmed during any these operations.

ISAF Casualty

One U.S. servicemember was killed in an improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan Oct. 24.

(Compiled from NATO International Security Assistance Force news releases.)

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