Friday, September 5, 2008

Forces Kill, Capture Insurgents in Afghanistan

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2008 -- Coalition and Afghan forces killed more than two dozen insurgents while disrupting terrorist cells along the southeastern and southwestern borders of Afghanistan during operations over the past days, military officials reported.

Coalition and Afghan forces killed six militants today after being ambushed while conducting a reconnaissance patrol in the Farrah province in southwest Afghanistan, coalition officials said.

The insurgents ambushed the patrol from an isolated compound with intense and accurate small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire, officials said. Coalition forces responded with ground fire and close air support, killing six militants, they said.

Although no Afghan or coalition casualties were reported, two civilians were killed in the attack and two were wounded, coalition officials said. The victims were immediately treated and medically evacuated to a nearby coalition medical facility, they said.

In addition to the weapons carried by the ambushing force, a weapons cache containing a rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun, AK-47 rifles and an assortment of ammunition was discovered at the site.

Also today, coalition forces killed several militants and detained five during an operation to disrupt an explosives network in Paktika province, along the Pakistan border, coalition officials said.

Coalition forces were searching a compound in the Bermel district targeting a militant known to coordinate and direct roadside bomb attacks against coalition Forces. The targeted militant is also known to be associated with Taliban commanders, both locally and abroad, who bring foreign fighters into Afghanistan, officials said. Several civilians, as well as military members, recently have been injured by these roadside bombs, they said.

As Coalition forces searched the compound, they received small-arms fire from militants inside the building. The force returned fire, killing several insurgents, they said.

A similar incident also happened today in Kapisa province, north of Kabul, when coalition forces came under fire while searching a compound in the Tag Ab district targeting a Taliban commander responsible for smuggling in foreign fighters, as well as conducting bomb attacks against coalition forces.
During the operation, militants fired on coalition forces, who responded with small-arms fire, killing several militants and detaining two.

Multiple AK-47s, hand grenades, bomb-making materials and stock piles of ammunition, to include armor- piercing rounds were discovered at the site and destroyed.

Four militants also were detained after coalition forces searched a militant compound in the eastern border province of Khowst.

Today’s fighting comes three days after Afghan and coalition forces killed 20 militants while conducting operations in Naw Bahar in the southwest province of Zabul.

The troops were conducting a combat security patrol when they were attacked by militants with small-arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire. The troops responded with small-arms, heavy-weapons and close air support, killing 20 militants. No coalition forces or civilian casualties were reported.

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 82 news releases.)

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