Thursday, November 6, 2008

OIF Summary; Nov. 6, 2008: Troops Target al-Qaida in Iraq Networks, Nab 17

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2008 -- Coalition forces killed one enemy fighter and detained 17 terrorism suspects in operations throughout Iraq yesterday and today, military officials reported.

Coalition forces in Mosul conducted multiple operations in the city today, capturing nine individuals with alleged ties to al-Qaida’s senior leader, weapons and communications networks.

Two suspects were detained during three coordinated operations targeting the city's terrorist networks. Mosul al-Qaida leadership networks were dealt another blow when four men were detained during an operation targeting an al-Qaida operative with links to the city's terrorist leaders.

Coalition forces also targeted an alleged weapons smuggler for northern al-Qaida networks in Mosul today. Three men believed to be associates of the suspected terrorist were detained without incident.

One tenemy fighter was killed and one suspect was detained today during an operation targeting an al-Qaida regional leader near Hawijah, southwest of Kirkuk. When coalition forces arrived at the residence believed to house the suspect, they called for the occupants to surrender. As forces questioned two of the men who came out, one of them began acting in a threatening manner toward the ground forces, officials said. Perceiving hostile intent, the force engaged the man, killing him. It was later determined that he was the targeted suspect. The second man was detained by coalition forces for further questioning.

Coalition forces continued to derail terrorist car bomb operations in Baghdad today. Forces captured a suspected terrorist believed to be an al-Qaida car bomb operative who reports suggest was actively planning an attack. One additional suspect was detained during the operation.

In Beiji today, forces detained a man believed to be an associate of an alleged member of the city's foreign terrorist facilitation and bombing networks.

Yesterday near Samarra, northwest of Baghdad, coalition forces captured an alleged regional leader of a terrorist group associated with al-Qaida. Three other men believed to be his associates were detained during the operation.

In other operations yesterday:
  • Iraqi National Police stopped a car bomb as an al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist attempted to transport it through a checkpoint in the West Rashid area of Baghdad. Using established security measures, police stopped a vehicle loaded with an estimated 200 pounds of explosive material and three mortar rounds. While stopped in the search lane, the vehicle detonated, killing the terrorist. The blast also killed two national policemen and wounded another.

  • Coalition forces captured a man believed to be an al-Qaida bomb and weapons facilitator in Baghdad. The suspected terrorist, who reports suggest has connections to al-Qaida leadership south of Baghdad, was detained with two other men.

  • A separate operation in Baghdad targeted a suspected terrorist believed to coordinate attacks against coalition forces. An alleged associate of the suspected terrorist was detained for further questioning.

  • Northeast of Baghdad in Sadiyah, coalition forces detained two men while targeting a suspected Diyala weapon and foreign terrorist facilitator.

  • One suspected terrorist alleged to have connections to al-Qaida's communication and leadership networks and one additional suspect were apprehended in Mosul.

  • Another operation targeting Mosul al-Qaida communication and leadership networks resulted in the detention of four suspected terrorists. During the operation, coalition forces found several pounds of explosive materials associated with roadside-bomb construction. The cache was safely destroyed by ground forces.

  • A third operation in Mosul targeted a suspected terrorist believed to target attacks against Iraqi civilians who cooperate with coalition forces. Three men believed to be associates of the suspected terrorist were detained during the operation.

  • Coalition forces targeting Mosul's al-Qaida in Iraq facilitator and senior leadership networks killed two terrorists. During the operation near Bariyah, northwest of Mosul, a coalition forces helicopter came under fire as it approached a vehicle occupied by a suspected terrorist. The helicopter crew returned fire, killing the targeted individual and another man in the car.

In operations Nov. 4:
  • Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained two suspected criminals for disrupting the peace with small arms in southern Baghdad’s Abu Tshir neighborhood. Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s Troop C, 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, detained two men for allegedly shooting small-arms fire in a local community. After finding shell casings in an automobile that matched eye-witness descriptions, the soldiers detained the individuals for further questioning.

  • Iraqi special operations forces and coalition forces killed an al-Qaida in Iraq cell leader and captured two suspected terrorists during an operation in East Mosul. The individual was a cell leader in the village of Muhallabiyah responsible for the kidnappings and killing of wealthy local nationals, officials said. His cell also is believed to be responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the local mayor's family in June.

  • Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s Company A, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, detained a suspected criminal responsible for sectarian murders and arson in Baghdad’s Aamel community.

  • In Baghdad, Iraqi soldiers arrested a suspected criminal company commander on a local warrant. The individual's cell allegedly is responsible for conducting assassinations against coalition and Iraqi forces in Kifl.

In operations Nov. 3:
  • Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s Company D, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, attached to the 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, detained a suspected kidnapper in the Saha community.

  • The Hillah special weapons and tactics team, operating under the authority of a warrant issued by the Iraqi Interior Ministry, arrested a suspected criminal leader. The individual is allegedly responsible for bomb attacks against coalition and Iraqi forces. During the operation, one other suspected criminal was detained.

  • The Iraqi army detained three suspected insurgents during two operations in Mosul.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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