Friday, December 12, 2008

OIF Summary; Dec. 12, 2008: Troops in Iraq Nab 11 Terrorism Suspects, Find Bomb, Weapons

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2008 -- Eleven suspected terrorists, including two wanted men, were removed from al-Qaida in Iraq networks yesterday and today as coalition forces targeted the terrorist organization in central Iraq, military officials reported.

In other recent operations, Iraqi soldiers foiled a bombing attack on an Iraqi judge, and coalition and Iraqi troops discovered enemy weapons stockpiles.

Early today in Hafriyah, southeast of Kirkuk in Iraq’s Diyala province, forces captured an alleged weapons smuggler who also is believed to be associated with bombing attacks in the area. Three suspected associates also were detained.

Two more suspects were netted today in an operation targeting a Diyala-area al-Qaida in Iraq courier in Sadiyah, northeast of Baghdad.

In operations yesterday:
  • U.S. soldiers detained a suspected weapons smuggler and criminal recruiter in eastern Baghdad’s New Baghdad district.

  • Forces in Baghdad captured an alleged al-Qaida in Iraq cell leader who officials believe is responsible for bombing attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces and Iraqi police.

  • Near Tuz Khurmatu, southeast of Kirkuk, forces detained three suspects during an operation targeting an al-Qaida in Iraq leader associated with bombing activities in the area.

  • Iraqi soldiers in the Kadhamiyah district of northwestern Baghdad reported finding a bomb attached underneath a judge’s vehicle at an Iraqi army checkpoint yesterday. An Iraqi army explosive ordnance disposal team was called in and removed the bomb, which was made from two blocks of C4 explosive.

Also yesterday, Iraqi and Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers found weapons caches in the greater Baghdad area:
  • Iraq soldiers found an empty 105 mm shell and an empty illumination shell west of Baghdad in the Abu Ghraib area.

  • U.S. and Iraqi soldiers found four 60 mm mortars and two 81 mm mortars south of Joint Security Station Taji, north of Baghdad. The munitions were destroyed in a controlled detonation.

  • U.S. soldiers followed up on a tip from an Iraqi citizen and seized a white bag with an unknown substance and an armor-piercing bomb array encased in foam east of the Abu Ghraib area. The munitions were destroyed in a controlled detonation.

  • U.S. soldiers found a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and 11 RPG rounds north of Abu Ghraib.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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