Saturday, January 17, 2009

US Army Infantry Brigade Announced for 2009 Afghanistan Deployment

News in Balance

News in Balance:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, 2009 -- The Department of the Army confirmed January 16 the Department of Defense's announcement of the deployment of the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, based in Fort Richardson, Alaska, as part of the next rotation of forces in Afghanistan. This announcement involves approximately 3,500 service members. Their deployment is scheduled to begin in February 2009.

The Spartan Brigade will replace one active duty brigade currently on the ground, and continue the current U.S. commitment to providing three brigade combat teams in support of Regional Command East.

The Army will provide only the best led, best trained, and best equipped forces possible to the combatant commander for operations in Afghanistan.

Located on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska, the Spartan Brigade is a strategic asset to the Department of Defense's Pacific Command. It provides a quick reaction force capable of deploying anywhere in the world in 18 hours or less.

The Spartan Brigade was formed with six battalions: 1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry, known as 1 Geronimo; 3 Battalion (Airborne), 509th Infantry, known as 3 Geronimo; 1st Squadron (Airborne), 40th Cavalry known as Denali; 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 377th Field Artillery, called Spartan Steel; 425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, the Warrior Battalion; and the 725th Brigade Support Battalion, the Centurions.

In October 2006, less than a year after the Spartan Brigade was fully formed, it deployed to southern Iraq as part of Task Force Marne and took over operational control of Babil, Karbala, and An Najaf provinces. It returned from deployment in December 2007.

American Soldiers are deployed to more than 80 countries worldwide. They and their Family members continue to make great sacrifices for the good of our nation.

(From a U.S. Army news release.)

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