Sunday, April 12, 2009

OEF Summary, April 12, 2009: Forces Kill 18 Insurgents in Konar

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 12, 2009 -- Eighteen insurgents were killed during a pre-emptive defensive strike by International Security Assistance Force in Konar province on the evening of April 10.

ISAF service members were on patrol throughout the day along a known insurgent infiltration route in the Pech District. The force then established a patrol base and deployed out an observation team.

Approximately 26 insurgents with weapons and lights walked within six feet of the observers, giving the patrol positive identification of the group.

As the group of insurgents moved toward the patrol, the observers radioed back to the patrol base. The patrol leader then repositioned his personnel to engage the militants.

After the initial fire fight, close-air support and attack helicopters were called to support the ground forces.

Following the engagement, the platoon collected enemy supplies including 10 AK-47s, Rocket-propelled grenade launchers with ammunition, five radios and two hand grenades.

The incident resulted in no civilian or ISAF casualties.

Also reported April 10, Afghan and coalition forces killed five combatants in Kandahar province during an operation to disable a Taliban network that facilitates logistics for attacks in the province, and which is directly linked to the suicide attack in Maywand District that killed four Afghan civilians and a coalition forces member in January.

In Maywand District, Kandahar province, approximately 63 km northwest of Kandahar City, a joint force conducted an operation in a rural village to capture Taliban militants operating in Northern Kandahar. As the assault force approached the targeted area, a group of men was observed moving away from one of the compounds. Coalition forces pursued the group of suspected militants, killing two combatants who maneuvered on the force during the initial encounter. Five other men in the group were questioned, but were released after forces determined they were non-combatants.

At the same time at various compounds in the rural village, Afghan and coalition forces called out for all non-combatants to exit buildings, a practice used to ensure civilians are protected while the assault force searches for Taliban known to force residents to shelter them. While searching one structure, forces encountered three barricaded enemy combatants, all of whom were killed during the assault. The combined force searched the remaining compounds without incident.

Fourteen women and 41 children were protected.

(Compiled from U.S. Forces Afghanistan news releases.)

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