Sunday, April 19, 2009

OEF Summary; April 19, 2009: Prominent Insurgent Killed During Operation in Logar Province

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 19, 2009 -- Afghan national security forces and International security assistance forces are able to confirm that an insurgent was killed during an operation in Mohammed Agha District, Logar province yesterday.

The death of prominent insurgent Abdullah will cause severe disruption to militant networks in Logar and has been welcomed by local citizens, a NATO report said.

ANSF and ISAF conducted an operation against Abdullah, who was located in a heavily defended insurgent compound. The event was in response to intelligence provided to ISAF as a result of several successful missions against Logar insurgent networks during the past three months.

Abdullah was directly responsible for numerous attacks in Kabul and Logar that resulted in both Afghan civilian and security forces personnel being killed. He was believed to be active in recruiting young males to take part in insurgent attacks. His death will significantly inhibit Logar-based insurgent activities.

During the operation ANSF and ISAF forces were attacked by armed insurgents using heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenades from an identified insurgent compound. ANSF and ISAF soldiers utilized controlled close air support to defeat the insurgents. Three insurgents were killed, including one woman, and two males were detained. A subsequent search of the compound revealed explosives and military equipment. Earlier media reports identifying these individuals as civilians were incorrect.

"Logar locals are extremely pleased that another insurgent in Mohammed Agha district has been stopped from conducting further brutal attacks," said Capt. Mark Durkin, ISAF spokesman. "Logar insurgent networks have been seriously disrupted by this operation."

(Report from a International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs news release.)

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