Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wire: North Korea Threatens to Attack US, South Korean Warships

Off the Wire

Off the Wire:

WASHINGTON, May 27, 2009 -- Newswire services reported this morning that North Korea threatened military action Wednesday against U.S. and South Korean warships sailing in the waters near the Koreas' disputed maritime border, raising the possibility of a naval clash just days after the communist government's underground nuclear test.

North Korea, reacting angrily to South Korea's decision to join an international program to intercept ships suspected of aiding nuclear proliferation, called the move tantamount to a declaration of war.

The Associated Press reported the following details:
"Now that the South Korean puppets were so ridiculous as to join in the said racket and dare declare a war against compatriots," North Korea is "compelled to take a decisive measure," the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said in a statement carried by state media.

Seoul's decision comes at a time when "the state of military confrontation is growing acute and there is constant danger of military conflict," the statement warned.

South Korea's military said Wednesday it was prepared to "respond sternly" to any North Korean provocation.

North Korea's latest belligerence comes as the U.N. Security Council debates how to punish the regime for testing a nuclear bomb Monday in what President Barack Obama called a "blatant violation" of international law.
North Korea warned Wednesday that any attempt to stop, board or inspect its ships would constitute a "grave violation."

This is a developing story.

(Report from newswire sources.)

Source: NKorea threatens to attack US, SKorean warships

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