Monday, June 15, 2009

OEF Summary, June 15, 2009: Troops in Afghanistan Detain Suspect, Aid Injured Civilian

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

WASHINGTON, June 15, 2009 -- Coalition and Afghan forces detained a suspected Taliban leader and provided medical aid to a wounded civilian in recent operations, military officials said.

Afghan and coalition forces captured an area Taliban commander and a suspected associate in a June 13 operation to disrupt Taliban activities in northern Paktika province. The suspect is tied to numerous attacks against coalition forces in the area, military officials said.

The wanted Taliban leader was wounded from debris when forces gained entry into the compound, officials said. Medical specialists treated his wounds, and he was evacuated for further medical treatment.

In a June 12 operation in the Gulistan district of Farah province, coalition forces evacuated an Afghan man who was wounded by militant gunfire.

Troops were patrolling the area when they were attacked by militants using rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire, which struck and injured the civilian.

On-site medical personnel treated the man, and then evacuated him to a coalition hospital for more advanced medical treatment. He was reported to be in critical condition following the attack, military officials said.

(Compiled from U.S. Forces Afghanistan news releases.)

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