Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pentagon Releases Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) Fact Sheet

Focus on Defense

Focus on Defense:

WASHINGTON, June 2, 2009 -- The U.S. Department of Defense released today the 2009 NPR Terms of Reference fact sheet.

The NPR will establish U.S. nuclear deterrence policy, strategy, and force posture for the next five to 10 years and provide a basis for the negotiation of a follow-on agreement to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The NPR Terms of Reference were signed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on May 13, 2009.

The NPR is legislatively-mandated under the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2008, Sec. 1070 (Public Law 110-181). The NPR will be submitted to Congress concurrently with the Quadrennial Defense Review. Previous NPRs were conducted in 1994, and 2002.

(Report from a U.S. Defense Department news release.)

Download pdf: Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) Fact Sheet.

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