Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OEF Summary, Nov. 10, 2009: Forces in Afghanistan Seize Bomb Materials

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

KABUL, Nov. 10, 2009 -- Afghan National Police and international forces seized 250 tons of suspected bomb-making material and detained 15 people in a Nov. 8 raid in southeastern Afghanistan, military officials reported.

Based on reliable information, the combined force searched a warehouse in Kandahar province, where they seized 1,000 100-pound bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and detained 15 people. They found an additional 4,000 100-pound bags of fertilizer at a nearby compound, and also seized 5,000 components used in improvised explosive devices.

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is a key ingredient in IEDs and is illegal in Afghanistan.

“This was a tremendous success for the Afghan National Police who led this operation,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Todd Vician, an International Security Assistance Force spokesman. “This find will undoubtedly save many lives and points to the increasing capability of the Afghan national security forces.”

In other operations in Afghanistan:
  • A combined force detained several suspected insurgents in Logar province while pursuing a Taliban commander operating in the area and linked to other local Taliban shadow government leaders. The force targeted compounds in the Baraki Barak district after intelligence indicated militant activity there. The force searched the compounds without incident and detained the suspects.

  • A combined force detained several suspected insurgents in Helmand province, including a sought-after Taliban leader linked to drug trafficking and responsible for weapons shipments to other militants in the area. The force searched a compound in the Garmsir district where sources reported the wanted man to be located. The force searched the compound without incident, recovered bomb-making materials and manuals and detained the suspects, one of whom identified himself as the Taliban leader. No shots were fired, and no civilians were injured.

(From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command news release.)

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