Monday, November 2, 2009

OEF Update, Nov. 2, 2009: Troops Nab Taliban Militant in Kandahar

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

KABUL, Afghanistan, Nov. 2, 2009 -- A joint Afghan-International Security Assistance Force operation detained one militant in Kandahar province on Sunday while in pursuit of a Taliban district leader and senior commander of a sizable militant element in the area.

The joint force targeted a location outside of the village of Daylanur, north of Kandahar City, after intelligence indicated militant activity. The joint force used escalation of force measures to stop two motorcycles travelling south toward the city. The force recovered a pistol, ammunition, and documents and detained the suspected militant.

One Afghan girl, who was riding as a passenger on one of the motorcycles, was accidentally killed during the operation to stop the motorcycles. Immediate medical care was provided to the girl in an attempt to save her life. A joint investigation is in progress to verify the details of the event.

Afghan and international security forces continue to partner their personnel and skills to disrupt Taliban attacks and exploitation of Afghan civilians. These operations are always coupled with the possibility of reconciliation.

ISAF Casualties:

No International Security Assistance Force servicemembers were killed during the past 24 hours.

(Compiled from NATO International Security Assistance Force news releases.)

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