Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OIF Summary, Dec. 2, 2009: Forces in Iraq Nab 8 Terror Suspects

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, 2009 -- Iraqi police arrested eight terrorism suspects today, and an air strike during one of the operations killed an enemy fighter, military officials in Iraq reported.

A Salahuddin provincial police unit and U.S. advisors searched two buildings in a rural area north of Baghdad for a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq member coordinating suicide bombings in the region. Based on preliminary questioning and evidence discovered, police arrested four criminal suspects.

In a separate operation near Sadiyah, northwest of Baghdad, Iraqi police arrested four suspected al-Qaida in Iraq members.

Intelligence led police and U.S. advisors to the home of an alleged al-Qaida in Iraq member suspected of being in direct contact with the terror organization's leadership. As the combined security team moved to the targeted building on foot, five armed men from a nearby building fired upon them from a rooftop. The security team immediately returned fire, and during the exchange determined it necessary for their safety to call in a precision air strike.

Following the strike, the security team determined that one of the rooftop gunmen was killed by the strike. Two gunmen were apprehended near the building, and the location of the remaining gunmen is unknown.

Officials reported no additional casualties, but said an assessment of the air strike is ongoing.

Based on preliminary questioning and evidence discovered at the building, Iraqi police also arrested two other suspects believed to be involved in terrorist activity.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

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