Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wire: 5 Americans Wounded in Attack at US Base in Afghanistan

Off the Wire

Off the Wire:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11, 2010 -- Newswire services today reported that a suicide bomber wearing an Afghan border policeman's uniform blew himself up Thursday at a U.S. base near the Pakistani frontier, wounding five Americans, an Afghan official said.

The spokesman for Paktia province, Roullah Samoun, said the attack occurred after sundown at a U.S. facility in the Dand aw Patan district in eastern Afghanistan, about 35 miles (70 kilometers) east of Gardez, according to an Associated Press report.

AP said the spokesman did not identify the base by name or say what kind personnel are stationed there.
A U.S. spokesman, Lt. Col. Todd Vician, says U.S. officials have a report that some Americans were wounded in an incident, but he had no further details.

On Dec. 30 a Jordanian believed to be a double agent blew himself up at a CIA base in another border province, Khost, killing seven agency employees and a Jordanian intelligence officer.

The attack reported Thursday occurred about 400 miles (640 kilometers) northeast of the Taliban town of Marjah, which is under siege by U.S. and Afghan troops.
(Report from newswire sources.)

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Blogger Jilly Coda said...

I read your blog everyday. My boyfriend is a 1LT, Charlie Company, 1-503, 173rd airborne, deployed right now at FOB Airborne. I am so grateful that you post so much detailed news out of Afghanistan. The mainstream media and news media definitely fall short. Thank you for your time and efforts!

1:21 AM EST  
Blogger Steven Moyer said...

Thanks for reading and for your comments.

Since the start of new year, I have been somewhat conflicted about how to present the blog. It's been hit or miss every day.

It started last year when military news sources became a mouthpiece for administration policy and moved away from reporting strictly military news.

Now, I expect the mainstream media to frame its coverage within its own liberal bias. But it's another thing altogether to see military news sources being used to push a particular party's political agenda ... keeping in mind the ones now in charge are the same ones who agreed with's General Betrayus ad.

To me, the change is best symbolized in the Pentagon's move on the Web last year from a .mil domain to a .gov domain.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

9:15 AM EST  

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