Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rolling Stone? Really?

UPDATE: Here's a different view. Writing in The Atlantic, Marc Ambinder says Gen. McChrystal is a social liberal much like President Barack Obama (for whom he voted in the 2008 election) who welcomed gays into his inner circle, who disdained Fox News, and "who grew increasingly frustrated with his reputation as Dick Cheney's hired assassin."

Read it.

Understanding McChrystal's politics may go a long way to explain unguarded comments to a writer from Rolling Stone.
A profile piece on Gen. Stanley McChrystal appears in the upcoming edition of Rolling Stone magazine.

Did anybody actually READ the article before they reported on it?

Nope. Reporters wrote stories last night based on leaks of the article.

Somehow I doubt many folks have read the article.

Then again, Rolling Stone isn't the type of source for trusted, objective, mature news to which any skilled reporter would normally look for a story.

What's next? Will the media get outraged about comments appearing in Mad Magazine? (Forget about how the media ignored The National Enquirer story about John Edwards.)

Here's a link to a copy of the Rolling Stone article.

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