Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vt. Judge Increases Sex Offender's Penalty



If you haven't been following this story, here's some background.

Since Judge Cashman changed the penalty for this dude, maybe some justice was served. However, three to 10 years in the pokey ain't much to pay for the four years of rape the convicted forced on a child.

In any case, I guess this means the Bill O'Reilly haters have been put on notice.

Once again, Arrogant-Bill appears to have singlehandedly brought the full power of the press to bear and actually precipitated a change ... not that the mainstream press will easily admit to it, however.

O'Reilly haters like the Kos, and Media Matters should pay close attention to how Bill actually produced results from his pulpit. That's far from the Letterman drama endlessly replayed in the blogs -- and quite a difference from the usual pointlessly detailed complaining amateurishly perpetrated by the Anti-Bill Establishment.

Ah yes, there's surely a lesson to be learned around here somewhere.

Once again for the fist time I have rephrased the last paragraph of a recent Harold Meyerson Washington Post Op-Ed, "More and more, the key question for far-left liberal media types is that of the "Old Perfessor," Casey Stengel: Can't anybody here play this game?

"It's 18 times 60 days, so it's certainly an improvement," said Vt. Gov. James Douglas. "Personally I think it's inadequate for a crime of that magnitude, but it is certainly better than the first decision."

Vt. Judge Increases Sex Offender's Penalty
BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) -- A judge who was widely vilified for giving a child molester a 60-day jail term imposed a new sentence Thursday, increasing the man's prison time to three to 10 years.

Judge Edward Cashman said he felt he could now impose the longer sentence because the state had agreed to provide treatment to the man while he is behind bars. The state had initially said such treatment would not come until after the man served his time. Read full story.

Poll: Americans Oppose Vt. Judge's Ruling

Judge slammed for molester's 60-day sentence

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